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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Although we are still new to the market, our customers, partners, friends and followers know the ByteAtelier as an agency for international digital marketing. And of course it is our primary goal to provide digital services for our customers when it comes to the creation and maintenance of websites, online shops, social media marketing, multilingual content, translation services and much more.

But behind it there is also a great passion for language. Language is the most important form of interpersonal communication and the written word in particular forms the basis for passing on knowledge, culture and, last but not least, is also an art form. In literature, language enables us to tell stories that fascinate, entertain, captivate, distract from everyday life or make us think. We want to promote this art.

There are countless talented authors around the world who write great books - but despite all modern forms of communication (or because of them), it is very difficult to publish a book that reaches a wide readership. The dominant publishers are relying more and more on the international "big players" among the writers, as they guarantee economic success. Our mission at ByteAtelier is to build an international network and offer attractive services to help new authors get their book the attention and audience it deserves!

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